A Powerful Fusion
in Automation.
A Worldwide Presence.

The merger of BBS Automation GmbH, Behr Systems GmbH and the ixmation Group formed a one-of-a-kind international company, headquartered in Munich, Germany: BBS AUTOMATION.

BBS AUTOMATION develops and manufactures innovative and flexible automation and testing technology. We enable our customers to significantly increase their efficiency and thus their competitiveness.

9 Reasons to
Choose BBS

  1. Flexible manufacturing capabilities for complete turnkey solutions
  2. Globally interconnected teams at 10 locations with approx. 1,050 employees
  3. Complete project handling at all plants
  4. Execution of customer projects on a global level
  5. Implemented uniform standards
  6. No language barriers
  7. Low impact of time zone issues
  8. Knowledge of local cultures and their influences
  9. Consideration of national, branch-specific and local legal regulations

Another Goal
Our Global Divisions

With our ten locations in Europe, North America and in Asia we have created a worldwide network for professional and individual machine and plant construction. You benefit from a single point of contact and at the same time prompt processing of all your requirements.

Quality at BBS
100% Assurance, 100% Control,
100% Certification, 100% Guarantee

BBS is qualified to meet our customers' high-level expectations regarding quality, precision, productivity and flexibility using custom-made, economical equipment solutions. Engineering standards and regulatory concerns are best evaluated in the early stages of the project.

All BBS divisions are ISO certified. Regulatory concerns are reviewed in the initial project planning phase. Local and national legal and regulatory requirements are considered at all relevant project levels. If necessary, we use special technologies to meet all respective specifications.