Turnkey Solutions by BBS.
More than a Simple Project
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At BBS, assembly automation is constantly being redefined and researched to provide the best solutions to meet your specific manufacturing needs.

With a particular focus on quality assurance and continuous monitoring of the development process, we design innovative and lasting solutions for the automation market. At BBS, continuous development and progressive thinking, as well as flexible and lean structures, are the stepping stones to a new industrial (r)evolution.

Best Business Solutions

BBS customers benefit from a seasoned automation project manager as their single point of contact.

Our global footprint facilitates the coordination of multi-site, globally organized projects. BBS projects are managed within a real-time database, implemented – and continuously updated – since 1995. This tool provides accurate information to our project managers, allowing them to effect informed decisions in real time.


BBS project security is tailored to your specifications. Dedicated project teams work within encrypted/coded programs.

From key-card access to hard or soft walls enclosing project build areas, BBS ensures confidentiality. We know it is paramount, and we can safeguard it through an isolated assembly environment.

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