Apprenticeship at BBS Penang
Opening the 2nd batch of apprentices at BBS Automation Penang.
Apprentices for mechatronics at BBS Automation Penang Sdn. Bhd. are part of the Malaysian Meister Program Level 1. The program was made for school leavers with international level skills and competencies. It is based on Malaysian education system and the German Dual Vocational Training System It offers 25% of theory and 75% of practical training and covers overall levels 1 – 5.
The total duration of the program is over 42 months and consists of various courses in various levels of apprenticeship. Upon successful completion of the program and all tests, graduates will receive certificates from both JPK (NOSS certification) and MGCC (AHK certification).
BBS Automation Penang Sdn. Bhd. is continuing the apprentice program on a yearly basis. Next round is about to start in July 2018. Intake on now!
Applications to join the program as trainee are welcome under hr.penang@bbsautomation.com, or call at +60-04-5047777