Bronze medal for Philipp Buhl 2018

The World Championships in sailing came to an end on August 12, 2018 in Aarhus, Denmark. In the overall result Philipp won the 3rd place, was allowed to take the podium and with great joy receive the bronze medal.
Philipp Buhl: "Not the World Cup title, but still my best World Cup ever. Even though I won World Championship silver in 2015, my performance at this 2018 World Cup was better: the preparation even more meticulous, the performance even more consistent and at a higher level. It just was not the perfect week for the title. The joy of bronze is huge! "
BBS Automation says: "Congratulations on this very good result. We are happy with Philipp and are looking forward to the next events and races ".
Here is a video of the award ceremony in Aarhus, Kattegat (3h 3m 46s):