Grand Opening Ceremony BBS Kunshan / China

The Grand Opening Ceremony of BBS Automation's new factory in Kunshan marked a historic milestone on October 19, 2023, coinciding with the joyous celebration of BBS Automation China's 20th Anniversary. The event was graced by esteemed guests, including government officials and BBS Automation leadership.

Among the dignitaries present were BBS Automation CEO Josef Wildgruber, Vice President of BBS Automation China Kevin Nie, General Manager of BBS Automation China Lisha Liu, General Manager of BBS Automation Suzhou Constock Wang, and General Manager of BBS Automation Kunshan Junwu Wang. Stefan Rosskopf, CEO of Teamtechnik, also joined in the festivities.

The celebration drew over 300 leaders and distinguished guests, representing a diverse spectrum including clients, partners, banking representatives, school officials, BBS headquarters delegates, and representatives from various branches of BBS Automation China.

Spanning an impressive 45,000 square meters, the BBS Automation Kunshan facility is the largest research and manufacturing establishment within BBS Automation China. Its inauguration holds immense strategic significance for BBS's growth, both within China and on the global stage. Besides bolstering capabilities to meet domestic and international market demands, the facility signifies a crucial advancement in intelligent manufacturing solutions.

In the afternoon, the festivities continued at BBS Automation Suzhou, where guests congregated to witness and partake in the celebrations marking the 20th Anniversary of BBS Automation China. The event served not only as a reflection on the company's remarkable journey but also as a glimpse into the promising future of BBS Automation in the realm of advanced manufacturing.