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Philosophy & Benefits

„The quality of our lives tomorrow will depend on putting the best possible automation solutions into place today.“
The employees of BBS AUTOMATION

What do we offer?

While our seven locations on three continents places us among the global players who operate in an international work environment, we still view ourselves as one big family. Our sites don’t compete with each other; they work together closely. This makes us nearly unique in the industry. We regularly schedule team workshops and events to promote the feeling of community. We also offer long-term prospects, which is one reason such a large majority of our employees have stayed with us on our journey to becoming one of the top companies in the field of automation technology.

Social Involvement
Our social involvement extends beyond our working hours. For example, we sponsor various clubs in different ways. Many of our employees are involved in, and play active roles in, local clubs during their free time. It's common sense that we would support these clubs, too.

Exciting Responsibilities
BBS Automation creates very technologically sophisticated automation products for various industries around the globe, including the automotive, aerospace, medtech and renewable energy sectors. This broad spectrum allows our employees to deepen their understanding of various industrial sectors, which is a significant part of their professional development. Our lean company structure guarantees that decisions can be made quickly, and it offers room for personal development.

Work-Life Balance
We understand how the balance between working and nonworking hours contributes to ensuring that our employees maintain their motivation and energy on the job. Consequently, it’s very important to us that our employees are able to combine their family, personal and professional obligations as well as they can. BBS supports this with jobs that have a future and the potential for development, along with flexible work schedules. The best part is that all our sites are located in attractive economic centers that are hot spots for both culture and nature, so there are plenty of recreational offerings.

Professional Training & Development
In addition to a well-established apprenticeship program, we consider job enrichment, job rotation, and on-the-job training to be the crucial cornerstones of employee professional development. Thanks to our six locations, we’re able to offer our employees a comprehensive range of international training and career opportunities. It’s not uncommon for employees to work abroad at one of the other locations for an extended period of time.