Testing Technology

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Testing Technology and Systems Developed by BBS Automation

The right testing technology from BBS Automation guarantees the highest possible quality standards for your production. Our systems are individually configurable and tailor-made for specific requirements. BBS Automation offers both stand-alone solutions and integrated test systems.

In-line tests during ongoing production as well as end-of-line inspection can reduce the number of out-of-spec parts to a minimum. In addition, defective parts or parts that "fail" partial examinations, can on the basis of defined criteria be re-fed into the production process, repaired or disposed of.

Vision Inspection

BBS has developed state-of-the-art vision systems, e.g. an automatic vision quality control station which inspects part surfaces within a micron of accuracy using a camera and the associated digital image process software.

It inspects rotationally symmetrical precision parts such as medical screws, quality parts for automobiles, fine gears for watches, etc. The BBS solution is an automatic learning vision inspection system. Available as stand-alone system or integrated as part of a complete production system.

Automated Measurement

Changes to the product may occur in any ongoing production process. BBS Automation’s integrated and automated measuring systems ensure consistent results.

They recognize the smallest differences in and during each production phase. Our systems receive measurements and data throughout the process and compare them with given specifications of the product. This allows them to react immediately to changes or product defects and prevent or reduce rejects.

Leak Detection

BBS Automation’s highly sensitive leak detection and sniffing systems ensure that components assembled by our sophisticated manufacturing methods are leak-proof and sealed.
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Testing Services

Electrical testing technology
Voltage, Current, Current Rise, Resistance, Noise and Vibration, Revolutions
FFT Analysis (Vibration, Speed, Current Rise), HV/LV Testing, CE/VDE Conformity Tests, Bed-of-Nails Tester / Contacting

Gas & Liquid Measurement
Pump and Component Flow, Air-Mass, Leakage Testing, Helium Leak Detection System, Pressure, Pressure-Oscillation, Pressure Pulsation

Mechanical measurement technology
Distance Measurement, Thickness and Diameter Checking < 1 µm, Torque Testing (Pumps, Motors, Chokes, etc.), Force/Path Monitoring, Testing of Surfaces (Texture, Roughness, Coating Thickness), Hardness Testing, Automatic Balancing