Optical Industry

Focus on Highest Precision

BBS Automation Technology
for the Optical Industry
Meets the Highest Demands

Highest precision, absolute cleanliness and strict compliance with customer specifications are the top priority in the manufacture of optical products. At the same time, various guidelines must be observed.

In order to meet the high demands on accuracy and reliability, BBS systems only use components that have been specially developed for the requirements in this technical environment. By using machine frames made with high-strength hard stone, BBS already defines a quasi industry standards .

Numerous projects in the field of optics are also being developed for use in cleanrooms. They can be built up and put into operation in our own clean room.

Manufacturing and
Assembly Experience

  • Prisms and Filter Glasses
  • Contact Lenses
  • Assembly, Welding and Measuring of Precision Components
  • Microdosing and Bonding
  • Precision Mechanical Systems
  • Sensor Production
  • Camera Systems