Wire forming

  • Cycle time 1.5s/pc
  • Online type change
  • Online insulation test
  • Non-stope replacement of the wire reel

Paper Insertion

  • Cycle time 1.3s/groove
  • Parallel loading and unloading
  • Optional dual-channel process to meet cycle time requirements of up to 96 slots
  • Electronic cam control, compatible with large laminating height

Wires insertion

  • Cycle time 1.5s/pc
  • Compatible with B/0 geometry
  • Vision-based monitoring of the insertion process
  • Quick replacement of the wire cup


  • Synchronous expansion of up to 16 slots
  • Compatible with non-concentric wire widening
  • 3D vision-assisted control after widening
  • Quick change of the iris tool


  • Machine cycle time < 60s
  • Drive structure with torque multiplier
  • Great adaptability to the insertion mold
  • Analysis of the closed loop for the Z - Θ compensation curve.
  • Extremely fast changeover of the twist mold


  • High stability: marble platform
  • High precision: linear motor
  • High adaptability: 2D + 3D detection before welding
  • High quality: quality control during and after welding