Assembly Technology

Assembly Technology

We are your specialists for complex projects in the field of assembly automation. BBS is committed to providing engineering solutions which are not only financially feasible and structurally sound, but help improve safety, reliability and profitability. At BBS, assembly automation is constantly being redefined and researched to provide the best solutions for your specific manufacturing needs.

With a special focus on quality assurance and continuous monitoring of the development process, modern and sustainable solutions for the automation market are created. Continuous development and progressive thinking as well as flexible and lean structures form the foundation for the current industrial (r)evolution.

A wide variety of technologies, components, materials and methods are used in the realisation of our complex assembly systems - sales staff, development engineers, designers, electricians and programmers as well as, of course, tool workers and technicians work hand in hand to achieve optimum results, which often do not only meet but significantly exceed the customer's specifications.

Automated assembly technology is at the core of all our business activities. Machines and systems from BBS assemble a wide variety of products from a wide range of industries. From electric motors to medical devices and aids, from electronic components to complex optical products, and many many other. Depending on the requirements and the economic and technical environment, we offer semi or fully automated systems. The globally distributed locations of the individual BBS companies enable the production of even large assembly systems at different sites, for international programs of multinational customers. Due to the combination of assembly technology and testing technology BBS systems meet the highest requirements on quality and reliability of the manufactured products.

Competences (examples)

  • Assembly of electric motors
  • Assembly of medical equipment
  • Production of electricity storage and fuel cells
  • Assembly of electronic components
  • Production and assembly of components in the mobile radio and network sector
  • Manufacture of products for industrial use
  • Turnkey solutions for the production of entire product families, for example for the automotive sector or in the consumer sector (different types of electric toothbrushes, vehicle components, etc.)
  • Production of IT products
  • Etc.