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Electrical Engineer (PLC)

Job Responsibilities:

  1. As a member of project team, be responsible for the electrical design and program design of equipment developing;
  2. Draw various layout diagram, mounting diagram and edit technological requirement documents of electrical installation, issue the purchasing list of electrical elements;
  3. Give guidance to electricians in the installation of control system and the test of electrical system, to check the installation meets the requirements or not;
  4. Software programming and program debugging depending on the electrical principle;
  5. Be responsible for sorting out, collecting and uploading of electrical design and program design, update the files;
  6. Research and study new technology and new product, promote the application of new technologies;
  7. Formulate standards for electric and program, write related operate instructions, update and promote the usage standards;
  8. Accomplish other tasks temporarily assigned by department supervisor.

Key Qualifications:

  1. Education background: Bachelor degree or above in major of mechanical automation;
  2. Working experience: At least over 3 years working experiences in automatic electrical control field and operation of large non-standard production lines;
  3. Professional knowledge: PLC program, electrical design, control of industrial weak current, etc. ;
  4. Professional skill: Be familiar with various electrical components, understand the basic mechanical knowledge, be familiar with the hard-/software of Siemens S7 series products, be familiar with industrial control products of other brands, proficient in Profibus / Profinet / Ethernet hard-/software;
  5. Language requirement: Above CET4, good reading ability of English;

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Electrical Engineer (PLC)

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