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Project Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

  1. As the internal and external contact window of the company, define the scope of supply according to the contract and customer needs, and make a good project planning;
  2. Control the project process, coordinate the team work;
  3. Communicate with the customers, collect the feedback and report to the project team;
  4. Align with internal functional departments also to push and to check them with implementation in designing purchasing production and installation Including other aspects, and deal with project issues actively, Project abnormal situation need to be informed and push it to handle timely ;
  5. Responsible for arranging the installation and commissioning of customer's field equipment;
  6. Responsible for organizing the pre acceptance work of the client, arranging to provide the documents required for the final acceptance and promoting the project to reach the final acceptance conditions;
  7. Carry out project summary, summarize project process problems and project management experience;
  8. Accomplish other tasks temporarily assigned by department supervisor.

Key Qualifications:

  1. Education background: Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical or related is preferred;
  2. Working experience: At least 2 years working experience in fixture design or more than 2 years project management experience;
  3. Language requirement: Above CET4, good reading ability of English;

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Project Engineer

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