GACC apprenticeship program

Full steam ahead for the training program of the German-American Chambers of Commerce GACC

The German-American Chambers of Commerce (GACC) congratulate BBS Automation Chicago, Inc. and Jahi Taylor, who began his aprrenticeship at the end of January 2018. Jahi is the first trainee in 2018 to join the GACC training program.
GACC: "Why did you choose the ICATT Apprenticeship Program?"
Jahi: "I applied because I saw a way to both promote my education and gain the work experience that I normally can not have after completing the school." I have some friends who recently became their 4-year-olds Have completed training but have not found work due to lack of work experience. "
GACC: "What excites you about the program and BBS Automation?"
Jahi: "The uniqueness of what the company does, working on custom machines means constantly pushing the boundaries of the new and familiar, always facing a new challenge at work every morning, which I always have as a personal goal for mine My father and my grandfather have always told me to find something I enjoy and develop a career with - with the help of the ICATT training program and GACC Midwest, I've probably found what I'm looking for, learning something I love, at the highest possible level, that's really a privilege, an opportunity that I want to exploit, and I'll make sure I learn everything I do can. "
We are very glad that Jahi comes to BBS Automation through the ICATT Apprenticeship Program and we look forward to working with him.