New Winding Lab at BBS Winding S.r.l.

From January 2021 new and exclusive in our technical laboratory at our site in Poggibonsi/Italy

BBS Winding S.r.l. extends the range of services for customers and for all manufacturers of BLDC electric motors, providing in its own factory a semi-automatic needle winding machine for prototypes and small productions of stators, stator segments and stator chains: the ideal link between the 3D model of the electric motor and the realization of the finished product.

  • Winding of motors for testing, sampling, sample parts, development and production of your prototypes, small series as well as A, B and C samples.
  • Flexible application: external poles stators, internal poles stators, stator segments and chains, only workpiece holders and work programs need to be changed.
  • From inner Ø 15 mm to outer Ø 250 mm.
  • Wire diameter: up to 2.5 mm. Material: copper, aluminium.
  • Fully automatic winding of your stators on a prototype basis with high-volume production quality.
  • Replaceable tool, will fit on your BBS winding machine later.
  • Easy to program machine interface. 1:1 transfer to a later series production machine possible.
  • Organization of special webinars in Italian, English, German and French to facilitate access to winding technology for the basic user and to deepen specific issues to the advanced user.

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