Helium Leak Detection by BBS

The most sensitive way
to detect leaks

Helium Leak Detection by BBS

Helium leak detection systems (HLDS) are most sensitive. Our helium leak detection systems check parts and devices for the smallest flaw. They offer the perfect combination of highly advanced leak detection features plus uncompromised industrial flexibility and durability for high-vacuum applications.

The advantages of the BBS-HLDS, whether integrated into an assembly line or as a stand-alone unit, lead to faster test and assembly cycles, higher quality levels, and better process reliability — improving product quality.

Why do we use helium to locate leaks? Helium has many advantages. It occurs only in low concentrations in the ambient air and can easily be detected. Helium is non-toxic and does not react with other materials. The small atomic radius enables quick tests and the detection of even the smallest leaks. Additionally, our special helium recovery systems help to reduce emissions and costs during production.

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